Monday, May 26, 2014

My fantastic Sunday!

Today I went to the le chateau d'eau and its an old water mill, but now its a photography museum. it was really cool this is what it looks like:

The Le Chateau d'eau.

There was a tap there as well and it was really pretty!:
The well has lots of pretty tiles!

Then we went to the Augustn's and it has loads of statues! There was a exhibition on
and there was lots of stone things but I don't know really what they are! Here is my favourite:
My favourite one.
Me outside the Museum!
But something was strange...... the floor was different! The floor was like plastic
tiles, not stone! Weird!

Different floor!????????

The Museum outside!

When we got back in the car I got really excited! We were going to make cupcakes! Yay! Whopee!
Oh yeah! Oh yeah! I love the cupcakes me and my mum makes because they are lemon!
They weren't as nice as when the icing was on! Me and mum agreed on that one! This is what they looked like after!
Can you spot the Marsh mellow?   Oh yes I forgot to tell you but this painting here took TWENTY-FIVE YEARS to paint!(Sos about the caps!)                           
25 years! Unbelievable! 

Yum! Yum!

IST rules!
Well that's what I think what about you?


  1. I like the Chateau d'Eau lots too. I've been there to see photographs, but I like the building itself, the roundness of it, and that great old Toulouse brickwork!

    Thanks for posting this Abi - you well deserve your Blogger of the Week star!

  2. You're right ... A fantastic Sunday indeed. Thank you for sharing it with us.