Monday, May 26, 2014

The adventures in the Muséum

On Friday morning we were so excited, we were going to the Natural history museum. When we arrived there was a gigantic elephant. We had to sketsch the elephant.

After that, we went to see the minerals. I chose mineral pyrite. It is pixel metal.

Next we went to see the skeletons. We decided to sketch a big gorilla and a little gorilla.

After, we saw the animals. I sketched monk fish, buffalo, bat, lama, snake, kiwi, toucan and for last paradise bird.

Then we saw the things that men used a long time ago.

There was loads of things like a boat and other swords and spheres and knight Viking helmet.

Then we went to the last room where all the polar bears were.

I saw a gigantic polar bear.

It was lunch time so we went outside the museum.

We had our lunch we played in the park and then to the bus and to school.

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