Friday, May 23, 2014


Not just elephants need helping, all animals do...... ok you maybe thinking that I don't care about elephants, but I do I care for every animal! (Even if its ugly!) For example you kill a fly, and you say "oh well it doesn't matter!".....well think if you were that little fly, would you like it? Nothing alive should be chopped down or killed! If some one chops down a tree the damage that happens to the world is incredible:
1. The world isn't as pretty.
2. Trees breath out oxygen like other plants and breath in carbon dioxide.
3. The most important thing is that trees are actually alive! Yeah, you're maybe saying, but they don't talk or walk! But they are still interesting!
4. Trees and plants are important to us because we need oxygen, and we are important to trees and plants because we breath out carbon dioxide!

You see? How are we meant to survive? Ok back on to animals they are also helpful to us. Bees, without them we wouldn't have fruit, honey, and flowers they are actually special to us! Please help me stop this and raise money for all animals! Give me suggestions. Thank you!
Animal cruelty!

This is terrible! We can't have this can we?

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  1. Abi, you've explained and argued for what you think about the way we treat animals and plants really well! Thank you for posting about this really important issue!