Monday, May 26, 2014

Our trip to Toulouse


On Friday we went to the museum of Toulouse (Natural History Museum). I was with Rozenn’s mother and in my group it was: Pablo, Maria, Eli and me.

First of all we went to sketch the elephant. It was difficult to do it. But then after a while it was so good and I was pleased with my work.

Later, we went to see the minerals and gems. They were so beautiful. This is my video I hope you will like it.

Also, I have done a haiku of that mineral:

What a brilliant diamond,

With a shiny purple colour,

What an awesome diamond.

My favourite mineral it was the Fluorite Violet.

After a while we went to the next room that is called the continents. There we watched an awesome video of how the continents move. India was very, very fast that’s why in Tibet there is the highest mountain in the world, Mount Everest.
Soon after that we went to the next room. It was the skeletons. First of all, we found an unusual skeleton and then we sketched it. Later we went to the room of animals, after a while they told us to sketch an animal they were so beautiful. I sketch a lemur it was so little. At final we went to see the polar bears, it was an awesome videogame and some people play that game. Then we went to eat and after we went to the park.

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