Sunday, May 11, 2014

My holiday in Sant Pere Pescador

Me and my family are going camping to Sant Pere Pescador near to Girona! We are  going on Tuesday 29th April. I´m really excited!  

When we were on the camping place, we watched where the toilets and the shower rooms are. There are lots of playgrounds, you can play mini-golf, table tennis and so on.
The best activity on the camping place was driving with a kettcar!!


My dad and me played table-tennis and basketball. It was so fun!
Next to our place was the beach. We went every day on the beach. We had fly a kite, made a sandcastle....
The sea was warm for me, but my mum said "no" it is to cold to swim! 
One day there was a beach party with live rock music. It was great!

We went to Girona and to Figueres.
In Figueres is the Teatre Museu Dalí. This was the part I loved the most!

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  1. A super family holiday filled with fun! I love the picture of you on the kettcar. Thanks for sharing your holiday with us.