Monday, May 12, 2014


As you may remember, I posted my first domino challenge a time ago. Mr. Gregg and Mrs. Baldwin lent me some good domino sets to build up a bigger one. Here is what I did with them.


I had 13 domino sets, with 28 pieces each. 13 x 28 = 364 pieces.

I also had 76 little men.


I measured that each piece took 3cm. 364 x 3 = 1.092 cm= 10.92m.

I measured that each little man took 4cm. 76 x 4= 304 cm = 3.04m.

Total distance. 10.92 + 3.04 = 13.96m.
I took the measuring tape to the garden to see how long it was, and it was looooooong.

I timed the falling pieces with a stop watch.
30 pieces = 1.42 seconds. (364 ÷ 30) x 1.42 =17.23 seconds.
20 men = 1.23 seconds.(76 ÷ 20) x 1.23 = 4.67.
Total time 17.23 + 4.67 = 21.90 seconds.

We decided to build half on the table and half on the floor so it took us a looooong time to build up the experiment.

 Although we included fire stoppers every number of pieces....

....sometimes it didn't work and it was very frustrating!!!

It was a teamwork project so my brother Telmo worked on the roller coaster structure.

At the end we inserted the little tricks.

And we filled up the fire-stop gaps taking lots of care.

We were finally ready to launch the wave and so we did. Here is the result.

As you have seen it didn't go as we wanted but we learned about the errors.

Does anyone dare to build up a bigger one???


  1. Brilliant! I really enjoyed watching this Vega, great fun :)

  2. 4G say it was awesome! Amazing! Epic! Superb! Action-packed! Smart! (Really, it was!)
    Well done Vega!

  3. Wow Vega! SO much effort by everyone involved. I especially love the tricks you used. A brilliant blog video to show off an excellent project. Well done!

  4. I thought it wasn't going to be as big as that! That was amazing! It must have taken more than a day!

  5. That is so AWESOME VEGA!!!!!

  6. It was great! I showed it to my sister and even she said that it was impressive!

  7. I'm doing a domino run at the moment...
    VERY enjoying!