Monday, May 26, 2014

About the fabulous Museum

About the fabulous muséum!
It was the natural history museum in Toulouse.
When we finally came I began to get VERY excited.
I was in a group with Penelope.
First, I drew the elephant. It was quite hard. After that we went to the dark room with diamonds …
I wrote a haiku about my favourite diamonds:

It reminds me of
A hedgehog in its shell but…
They do not have one!
It was REALLY dark there.

Although I we didn’t stay there long, we had to go.
We walked into a room where we watched a video about the world moving, it was interesting.
Later, we come to the bit that I was was excited about.
It was the bones, I drew one. I thought it was a mini dino but it was a hedgehog!!!