Monday, May 26, 2014

Our Wonderful Natural History Trip!

On Friday we started our trip on the bus and went to the Museum. In the entrance, there was a VAST elephant we had to sketch. And by the way I was in the group with Rozenn’s mum. We were:
Pablo (me) Fernando, Elie and Maria. In the sketch the elephant bit, we all had to sketch in different corners. First of all I sketched the back bit, but I thought it was hard and a bit disgusting. LLLL
So I decided to do the front part. I found that the elephant was named by… GORGES CUVIER!
After a while past the elephant we entered the Minerals and Gems room. We had to choose one and write a similie or a haiku. I wrote a haiku about my mineral:

Bronze and obscure gold,
Freezing grass and trees with wind,
Storm is coming soon.

We also took pictures and videos…
When we’d finished, we sauntered to a room about the continents. There we watched a video of how the continents travelled around the world.
Meanwhile we went to the skeleton zone where we had to sketch an animal skeleton. My group's animal was called: The Monk Fish (Lophius Piscatorius)
At that time, we entered the animals room. We sketched one. I don’t know what the animal was called, but it looked like a half Pig half Hippo. We went upstairs to sketch some patterns of around the world. I sketched a blanket from Congo.
Next was the polar bear room. I touched some real Polar Bear skin!
Later we had lunch in the Jardin des Plantes.
Soon our wonderful trip was over!

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