Monday, May 26, 2014

The Trip to the Muséum De Toulouse

On Friday, it was the day of our school trip so we started getting ready like:
  • Going to the toilet
  • Putting our sketch books in our bags
  • Taking out unneeded things
  • Lining up to get lunch from Mrs Baldwin 
  • Getting in partners
  • Mr Gregg reminding us about our groups
Then we got to the bus, it was HUGE! Inside, it was narrow because of the size of the seats. Near the middle, there were two tables. The first ones got to sit there, and Pablo and I were one of them, lucky us! J
     When we got to the institution, we saw the elephant in the main bit of the museum. It was really MASSIVE. Everyone started crowding around so the last ones had to sit down and start drawing the elephants great big HIDE! (Including me)
     Next, we went it the gem gallery. They were so beautiful! It took me a while to choose a jewel though… Finally, I settled on an Autunite and wrote a haiku about it:

A lime-green beauty
Glowing neon in the dark
A star in the night

     Later, we went to an area with skeletons in glass cabinets. My group chose the carcass of an Axis (kind of deer) though we didn't know that until we identified the skeleton with a weird machine thingy near us.

    After that, we arrived to a part of building with many stuffed wildlife. We were supposed to choose a creature of our choice and sketch it. I chose a Genet (Je – net). It looked like a cross between a cat and a weasel or a ferret. I also wrote a haiku about it:

Slick amber fur
Tails swishing From side to side
Genets on the move

   Later, we had a toilet break. The ones who didn’t need to go watched a documentary in a room with a big screen. It was about scientists releasing brown bears to the wild.
    Afterwards, we exited the museum (with our bags of course!) and walked to the Jardin De Plantes. Most of us ran to get a bench. There was also a crazy looking white cockerel as well, what Miss Whittaker calls ‘fancy chickens’!
   When we’d finished lunch, we went in a line and set off for the playground. There were already a lot of children but most of them were leaving anyway. There were a couple of fierce children but that was the only bad thing that happened that day. We got to the bus after that because it was                                                                   Golden-time!

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