Friday, May 23, 2014

Our visit to the Muséum

The Indian Elephant, named Elephas indicus by Georges Cuvier
We had a great morning at the Muséum. Here are some pictures:

Here we are talking about the whale skeleton:

When we got back we had a little time to write some haiku poems about the things we'd seen in the museum:

Such sweet animals!
So many gorgeous creatures!
Very nice to sketch!

Cristina and Maëlle

Cute as a teddy,
As stripy as a tiger,
Black, white like pandas.


The adventurers!
We went to the Muséum
And Jardin des Plantes.

Gustavo, Tino and Matias

Glistenning amber,
Tails swishing from side to side
Genets on the move.

Sanika and Mimi

Fennec foxes live
In the Sahara Desert;
They are very cute.


Staring animals,
Silent, sad and unmoving:
Makes me very scared.


White as a snowflake,
Big dark black eye on the face,
Long fragile whiskers.


I went through a room,
We saw what humans have made;
It was beautiful!


As shiny as gems,
As sharp as forty knives steel knives
As big a ball.


A huge elephant,
Stomping and chomping the grass;
So strong yet gentle.


The rabbit jumps high,
The rabbit runs very fast,
The rabbit is big.


Elephant stands still,
It stands there sad all day long.
I think it is cruel.


Big, strong and furry
With straight-like ears and long horns,
Light hooves on the ground.


Stones very shiny
Stones glimmering in the light.
Why are they still here?


Sharp golden eyes,
Watching me curiously.
Looks like it is real...


Swooping through the air,
It's going to eat us!
Quick, help us from here!

Rozenn and Penny

It's grey like the floor,
It's huge like an animal,
A big elephant!

Fernando and David

Eyes staring at me.
It was some stuffed animals.
It was a bit sad.


An enormous whale,
Bones covering the ceiling.
Whales are different.

Pablo and Alicia

Yellow seems like gold,
or maybe it IS golden!
Shiny, beautiful!


Next week we'll be doing some follow-up work on the trip, so watch this space!

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  1. I really liked the trip, it was great!