Sunday, October 27, 2013



There  was a normal spoon called Fred who lived in the cupboard. One day a little boy got the spoon and put it in the microwave two minutes. He did it because he wanted to see what happened. Then there were sparks and then the boy opened the microwave. There was Fred, but suddenly he saw he had a happy face on the spoon, it created life. They began to do adventures and tried to eat cucumber, it was they favorite food. A thousand years later, Fred was drinking coffee and he remembered all of the adventures in his life.

By Miguel

In the Future part 2

Continued from In the Future

The inventor went back home. He got his slime gun and went to the dark planet. 

Then he needed to pass different tests of aliens. First, he passed into the labyrinth where he met a bird. Suddenly, the bird transformed into a monster. It had snake eyes and it nearly poisoned him. The inventor shot the slime; he melted.

The next level was the Chinese dragon and a giant dragon appeared and he bit his finger. He jumped very high and put slime on his neck, then he immobilized him. He got the key and went in the door...

(continued in Part 3)

Thursday, October 24, 2013


One day I was walking through town.
I was going to the park. I saw my friends and I played with them.
Next I hopped on the bus to go home.
My house had changed! There was a crystal ball.
It took me to a weird place. It was in Iceland. “Oh no the volcano is going to explode!”
The volcano’s name was Eyjafjallajokull. I heard the ground shaking like there was an
earthquake. The place around me was burning. The lava came out. “Help, help!” I exclaimed.
It touched my shoe,  I let it burn. Suddenly something shone.


Read Part 2.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Giants, My Sister And Me

One day I was playing tag with my big sister called Marta  (she is 11 years old and I am just 8 so it's not fair but it didn't matter). And we went outside but we weren't there, we were in a magic place.

"Where are we?" I said. There was no response. I repeated: "Where are we?"

 Then I heard an echo echo, but it wasn't an echo it was two giants, a mum and her child. We run away as fast as we could, but they followed us. Then we stopped, they told us they were good giants. They told us the way home. When we arrived home there were all our friends. And they played TAG!


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Egyptian Myth

The Egyptian Myth

There was once a man that had been banished by Egypt’s evil Pharaoh.
“How am I going to ever inform the citizens of Egypt?” he wondered.
Then suddenly in a blast of colors a man appeared!
“Hello,” he said. “I am Paul Klee. I shall help you defeat him. Show this image that I painted. But first throw this on everyone except the Pharaoh.”
And with that he vanished…
The man crept into the palace.
He followed the instructions Paul had given him.
When he showed the painting to the Pharaoh he shriveled and turned into dust…

Monday, October 21, 2013

The Story Of Pizza

The Story Of Pizza

Once upon a time, there was an old baker who had retired.

Then one day, his money ran out and he urgently needed to pay the bills.

“What am I going to do?” he cried.

The next day there was a pizza competition and the winner was going to get 100000 Euros!

“Oh I need to win!” he said.

He went into his cottage and started making the pizza.

He didn’t use ordinary vegetables; he used magical vegetables that nobody knew of.

When he entered the competition, he won because the .judges thought it was one-of-a-kind.

Dippy and Aliyah

Aliyah went in a time machine and went all the way back to the time of the dinosaurs, but Aliyah didn't know why she was going or where she was going. 

But when she got to the time of the dinosaurs she got a giant surprise from the ginormous dinosaurs.

There was a diplodocus who could talk, so it said in a low voice, "Hello , my name is Dippy. What about your name?"

Aliyah was shy but she had to respond to Dippy, so she said in a slow and quiet voice, "My name is Aliyah, can we be friends?" ...

 by Niamh

Saturday, October 19, 2013

The eggs are laid!

Year 4 have been busy creating realistic shells for their dinosaur eggs. They chose the colours carefully and used the brush to get a dappled effect:

Next came the stage of adding a few realistic cracks onto the shell:

And finally laying them carefully in their nests in the entrance.

We're hoping their are no oviraptors around and the eggs will be safe over the holidays!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Ancient Gold

Once there were five children on an adventure.

They found a portal, they travelled back to ancient times. They saw ancient people but the ancient people couldn't see them. Gold was everywhere and people putting curses on others. There were booby-traps (good job that one of them was an expert in traps!).

They found a necklace in the sand.... the key to the Sphinx’s chest.

They unleashed a really good magic and a really bad magic. The two fought all day, it all looked crazy!

The good magic defeated the bad, who then created a portal to return the children home. What an adventure!

Hexagon Encounters

Hexagons have conversations too. (Being two-dimensional, unlike us, they sometimes make flatly disrespectful remarks.)

Making geostrips

Today we made our own geostrips of regular and irregular shapes.

Which shapes can you see?

How many different types of angles can you name?

The Fish

Once upon a time there lived a little fish. He was called Tin because he was born in a tin. He got out of the tin and jumped to the water he saw a book of magic. So he wanted to be a magician. He looked at what things did he need.  It was a magic wand, a broomstick, and a hat. He was holding the wand carefully and he said: “Tomato!”. The magic wand shooted one tomato to the floor. He ate it and said :”Delicious!” By that moment he ate all what he wanted, and he became fat.

By Miguel

In the Future

There was an inventor that invented a time machine. To invent the time machine he needed some ingredients. He needed a brain, a spider, ghost slime and a new clock.

He went inside the time machine and went to another planet. It was the future. In the future, his house was in space and we had flying cars. In the city were some aliens. Good luck that the inventor had made a laser gun! He went with the laser gun to capture them. The gun shot jail bars. He finally trapped all those aliens and got to his house.

Continued in Part 2

A visit to the museum

I was in the Paul Klee museum.

On the ground was a piece of paper. It said, “Dishmala." I said it out loud.

Suddenly a hurricane appeared and it took me into the picture.

I saw a woman in metal. I saw a mini car. 

"Can you help me?" asked the man in the car.

"Yes," I replied.

"Mr Bot wants a strong person to pedal this car and this place is called Weakland!"

"Ok," I said. I pedaled and I pedaled.

Suddenly electricity came out of the lady’s nose. BANG! The time machine disappeared and I was in the museum!

The crazy house

Once upon a time, there were 3 children and a mummy. They all lived in a crazy house.The house was very untidy.

The littlest child is called Rozenn, the second oldest is Pablo, then Mimi and then Amelia the mum. One day Rozenn said: “Jungle! J

At first we didn't understand and then Pablo said, “She means, let's live in the jungle.”

Amelia mumbled, the kids cried, “Let's live in the jungle!”

So off they went. They looked. “There’s a man!” screeched Mimi. 

There was a man. “I’m Ryan,” said the man. And they were friends.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


It was a cloudy day in Topa. Vanessa's house was dark and lonely.  But Vanessa was smart. She made a list about fun stuff: puzzles, mum and dads. 


She was in a hurricane, then she saw... HER HOUSE!!!  
But her scarecrows?  Oh no, scarecrows scare! This is going to be a scary adventure! (Vanessa had millions of adventures).

"AAAARRRROOOOWWWW  AAAARRRROOOOWWWW!  RRRR!" Oh no, werewolves were attacking! 

Vanessa saw a diamond sword and …WHOOSH the head of the werewolves. 

AAAAAHHHH BOOM! She was back in her house and it was BEAUTIFUL and light and Vanessa was very happy.           


The Golden Bell

The Story of the Golden Bell

By: Jesse Kemmetmueller

A group of four brave explorers started off on an adventure to find the legendary golden bell of the sun. The bell was given this name because it radiated such magnificent light.  If the bell’s light shone on you, you would be filled with bravery that lasted forever.

The explorers had an ancient map they were following. They first needed permission from four birds to cross a mountainous area known as The Agjes. The birds said they could cross on one condition. The birds wanted to go too!

The explorers finally reached their destination and were dazzled with the light. They were filled with bravery and returned to their homes as heroes.

The Gigantic Cow

The gigantic cow called Luis was in EGYPT. 

Luis is scared because humans want to eat him.

Luis feels very bad.  He is hanging on the grill.  Something strange has happened. It was so horrible that Luis screamed "OH YOU IDIOTS, WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY BROTHER CALLED JUSTUS?!!!"

He tried to get out but it was impossible, he only could trust his brother Justus.  But Justus' heart wasn't working very well! 

A great big red gearwheel came in the tent. Everyone was in a big shock, especially Luis!  The big red gearwheel stared at Luis! RED!

by Luis

The Cave Men Farmers and the Magic Berries

Once a long time ago there lived four cavemen named Vapid, Torpid, Morbid and Farbid. The men were bored of eating meat daily. The cavemen saw the boy of Cape Cave to sell the every- wonder - jelly beans . The boy asked if they want some.

"Sure," exclaims Torpid. The boy with the majestic beans gave some for a try.

The moon begins to fall in the icy cold night. They crept out of their cave to dig a little hole and put one of their beans and went to sleep. The next day they saw deep red shimmering gigantic strawberries. They shared and enjoyed these berries forever.

More hexagons!

Earlier in the week we all used Geogebra to create a lot of different hexagons. Here are a few of them:

We discussed how to describe their features. 
Some of the features we mentioned are:
  • pairs of edges which are parallel
  • edges which are the same length
and at the corners:
  • right angles
  • acute ("sharp") angles
  • obtuse ("blunt") angles
  • symmetry
Then we made some more hexagons out of geostrips:

Here they are:

But wait...
This one isn't a hexagon!
And is this a hexagon??!
 This one was interesting. We needed to pull at six corners: