Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Giants, My Sister And Me

One day I was playing tag with my big sister called Marta  (she is 11 years old and I am just 8 so it's not fair but it didn't matter). And we went outside but we weren't there, we were in a magic place.

"Where are we?" I said. There was no response. I repeated: "Where are we?"

 Then I heard an echo echo, but it wasn't an echo it was two giants, a mum and her child. We run away as fast as we could, but they followed us. Then we stopped, they told us they were good giants. They told us the way home. When we arrived home there were all our friends. And they played TAG!



  1. It was a great story Claudia.

  2. Fantastic Claudia! I like it how you really round the story off in a hundred words - coming back to the game of tag again!