Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Dinosaur Eggs!

Over the last few days we have been working on a very exciting project! We are making dinosaur eggs.
Each ‘egg’ has a dinosaur inside, and when the time is right they will hatch. What makes it so exciting is that we do not know which type of dinosaur will hatch from its egg, and of course making them is fun.
We have been using newspaper and glue, a technique called ‘Paper Mâché’ to encrust our dinosaur balloons.  

As you can see, its a very messy process!

These will take a few days to dry before we begin the next step..................... 


  1. Those eggs look really great. Well done!
    Pablo's mum

  2. View photos of my daughter Irene working in school, is a gift!. Thank you!
    Congratulations to all for such a beautiful job!
    Lucia. Irene's mom

  3. I really liked doing the paper mâché,it was super fun!

  4. Wait until the next bit Sanika - more sticky mess and MORE fun!

  5. The balloon blue look lite its paint like the earth

  6. I liked when i pulled out the sticky glue that was on my arm.

  7. I really enjoyed doing my balloon, the only problem was that we got really messy!