Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A Young Lady's Adventure

In our English lessons this week we're looking at this picture by Paul Klee:

We're about to write some hundred-word stories based on the painting. But first, we've been looking at it carefully, and thinking about words and ideas that come form it.


Some children came up with adjectives that might be useful with this picture:

  • heavenly
  • infernal = hellish = demonic
  • enchanted
  • mysterious
  • beautiful
  • shimmering
  • eerie = spooky
  • as dark as treacle
  • majestic 
  • weird
  • furious
  • fearsome

The Arrow

And what about that arrow?
We had various ideas. Is it:

  • telling her where to go?
  • warning her of danger?
  • showing her she should be somewhere else?
  • a trap?!
  • leading her into her future?
  • a demon?
  • something you touch and you turn into a statue?
  • showing that this is a cursed place?
  • something that cuts?
  • a snake that leads her to treasure?
We will have to wait a few days for the answers to these important questions...

Watch this space!

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