Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Tree

One day, a tree was planted in the middle of nowhere.   The tree was planted by an old man called Mogaraff.

The tree was mysterious and magical it grew in one hour bigger than the Statue of Liberty.
It was the only thing living for miles around and it didn’t need a drop of water.
It was an intriguing tree that made the floor glow in different colours around it.  The sky was red with two suns.
The tree was peaceful but one day an alien landed near the tree, but the alien was not peaceful.  The tree heard the alien whispering because the wind blew the sound into it.  The tree had eyes and a heart and a clavicle. The tree decided to eat the alien and the alien became part of the tree.
by Tino

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  1. Wow - great story Tino! I liked the surprise ending with the tree eating the alien!