Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Cave Men Farmers and the Magic Berries

Once a long time ago there lived four cavemen named Vapid, Torpid, Morbid and Farbid. The men were bored of eating meat daily. The cavemen saw the boy of Cape Cave to sell the every- wonder - jelly beans . The boy asked if they want some.

"Sure," exclaims Torpid. The boy with the majestic beans gave some for a try.

The moon begins to fall in the icy cold night. They crept out of their cave to dig a little hole and put one of their beans and went to sleep. The next day they saw deep red shimmering gigantic strawberries. They shared and enjoyed these berries forever.


  1. I liked the way how you did the end of the story.Good idea with the cherry tree Sanika.

  2. lots of imagination Sanika! I love it!

  3. Now that I look carefully at the picture, I see the strawberries!