Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The best picture in the world

"Today we are going to the museum," said Carly, excited.

"Hey! look at that!" she screamed.
"Its Paul Klee," said Camille.

"I't looks like people are dancing," said Carly.

"The museum is gonna close," said the guard.

"Lets come back tomorrow," said Camille.

When they all came back home they saw something on the TV. So they all called and they all said, "Did you see on TV, there's a competition of the best picture?"

"I hope it's gonna be the one that we saw," said Camille.


  1. Two 100-word Paul Klee stories in two days! Brilliant, Clara!

    And this one is very different to the first. You have used speech marks and punctuation really well in it too!

    I like how it is about visiting a gallery. I have just been reading that there is a big Paul Klee exhibition in London.