Thursday, October 17, 2013

Ancient Gold

Once there were five children on an adventure.

They found a portal, they travelled back to ancient times. They saw ancient people but the ancient people couldn't see them. Gold was everywhere and people putting curses on others. There were booby-traps (good job that one of them was an expert in traps!).

They found a necklace in the sand.... the key to the Sphinx’s chest.

They unleashed a really good magic and a really bad magic. The two fought all day, it all looked crazy!

The good magic defeated the bad, who then created a portal to return the children home. What an adventure!


  1. Brilliant, Tobias! There is something hieroglyphic about this picture, that makes me think of sphinxes and magic - so I think your story goes really well with the painting!

  2. It's amassing how they didn't get caught ! I like it Tobias!