Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Golden Bell

The Story of the Golden Bell

By: Jesse Kemmetmueller

A group of four brave explorers started off on an adventure to find the legendary golden bell of the sun. The bell was given this name because it radiated such magnificent light.  If the bell’s light shone on you, you would be filled with bravery that lasted forever.

The explorers had an ancient map they were following. They first needed permission from four birds to cross a mountainous area known as The Agjes. The birds said they could cross on one condition. The birds wanted to go too!

The explorers finally reached their destination and were dazzled with the light. They were filled with bravery and returned to their homes as heroes.


  1. Jesse, love the story! it just makes me want to explode!

  2. I just can't stop reading it ! it's really good Jesse!