Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Year 4G Assembly Next Friday!

This is a reminder of the Y4G assembly next friday.
These are the words for the song:

Hip Hoppy Kid:

 1  I'm a hip hoppy kid and you'll never catch me nappin
         Fernando Pablo Maëlle

2 No matter where i'll go you'll always hear me rappin

3 I rap to the east and I rap to the west
     Mimi Ryan

4 I rap in my socks and I rap in my vest
   Rozenn Clara Claudia

5 I rap in my sleep when I drive the neighbours potty
   Gustavo Jacques Tobias

6 I rap in the bathroom when i'm drying of my body

7 I rap to the birds and I rap to the bees
    Amelia Penelope

8 And when I go completly draft I rap to the trees
    Alicia Cristina

9 I can even rap on wheels I really am the master
    Alicia Cristina

10 I wish i'd seen that manhole then I wouldn't be in plaster
      Rozenn Clara Claudia

By Pablo

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  1. I've put all of everyone's images into a presentation now, ready for the assembly next week!