Friday, April 11, 2014

The Vanishing Cats Part 1

Chapter 1, The Return 

Pat, Pat, Pat, Pat

I woke up. What was that noise? I started following the sound, it sounded like a cat was going to Shamrock's room. When I arrived at his door, I saw a black and white cat with only one eye. She was edging near Shamrock, who was sound asleep. Her claws were out, and she looked like she was going to rip Shamrock's ears and tail off.
"Sally Bones?" I whispered, in disbelief.
It couldn't be, Varjak Paw had defeated her long ago, making her fall to her death.
The cat heard me, swore and then, before I could catch her, she ran silently ran away, accidently knocking Shamrock's vase on to the ground.
"I'll be back, Varjak Paw, I'll be back!"
"Sally Bones!" I yelled at the top of my voice, which I nearly never did. "She's back! She was never dead!"
Every cat who heard started panicking manically.
"What will happen to us?"
"I don't know!"
'Smart idea, Jade, smart idea' I thought. 'Totally clever of you to make everyone panic'
Captain, our leader rushed in.
"What are you talking about, Jade?" he asked. "Sally Bones is dead"
"But I saw her!" I protested. "She was black and what, with only one eye!"
"Sally Bones' daughter, Holly Bones, is back" he said, eyes flashing. "
You must stop her. She will avenge Sally Bones, and Varjak's closest relative right now, is me, I am the son of Varjak Paw and Holly"


  1. I knew you were going to do this! This is cattastic Mimi!

  2. Well done Mimi, for taking the Varjak story and making your own one!