Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Vanishing Cats Part 2

Chapter 2, The Backstory
"Sit down, everyone. As you have discovered my secret, I shall tell you the whole story," said Captain.
"But," burst out Shamrock.
"No 'buts' Shamrock, do you or do you not want to listen to the story?"
"I do" replied Shamrock.
"Alright then, I will" he said, taking a deep breath.

Captain's Backstory
"Varjak and Holly got closer after defeating Sally Bones. That is it. But in a few months, they had me. Varjak thought that I could keep the Way alive by teaching it to me. I got nearly all of them right in just one week, but I didn't know how to do the last skill, Insight. I tried it week after week, month after month, but I kept failing, and failing, and failing. But, Holly Bones struck. She was just as deadly as Sally Bones, if not a lot stronger. She also had her hench-cats so it was impossible to strike her. Varjak, Holly and I fled, because otherwise they would kill us, and of course, they cared about me. We stayed hidden for a few days, but eventually, they found us and we had no choice but to fight. Holly and Varjak fought hard, but got badly injured trying to protect me. So when Holly Bones came to finish them off, flung on to her and started gnawing her and protected my parents using 6 of the Skills. After hours of fighting, they fled and I carried my parents into the same park where they first met. Gladly, they survived. And now, I know the all the Skills. But I am not happy. Holly Bones will strike again and avenge for her mother. You must stop her. But don't kill her, she is important. Try to make her see her wrongdoing, before it is too late"

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