Wednesday, April 9, 2014

My Gell-Ball Experiment ( at home )

I am going to share my gel-ball experiment that I did at home!

I took a transparent lunch box, filled it three quarters with water and dropped the little ball ( gel-ball). 

5 minutes later...

The ball grew a bit bigger and looked like a fish's eye. The ball was still solid but had a light blue outlining!

10 minutes later...

The gel-ball became translucent and looked smudged. It looked as if it was going to dissolve but I knew it wasn't and it was going to turn into a gel-ball. I grew a bit too keen and took the gel-ball out of the water! It had bumps on the ball like a raspberry.

20 minutes later...

It looked like blue food coloring though it just stayed in one place and in a shape of a ball. It was also very bumpy.

25 minutes later...

The gel-ball just seemed like a spot in the water. It still wasn't floating.

1 day later...

The gel-ball was absolutely round and very bouncy. It still wasn't floating! It was transparent though I could see it in blue because the ball is blue!


  1. This is brilliant, Sanika! I must write up what we did in class - you've inspired me!

  2. What a fabulous explanation. Great descriptive language going on Sanika. I feel very proud of you; especially since you have helped Mr Gregg with another idea!