Sunday, April 27, 2014

One Cat and her Girl Part 1

Catherine heard a cat. What was it doing in the middle of the night?
She heard it again. The cat sounded like it was in agony.
'I'd better help that poor cat' she thought.
So she grabbed her coat, silently crept past her parents' room and went outside. It was freezing cold out in the garden, but Catherine ignored it and tried to find cat in the dark.
Now she knew where the cat was. She felt for the cat but instead, she touched a shard of glass. Then another, then another, then another. The cat had bits of glass in it!
Catherine was shocked. She hadn't expected that many! She ran back into the house and called her parents frantically. Then, she made them call an emergency ambulance though it was only for humans. But when she called the ambulance, she sounded so high pitched and desperate that they switched the lights on.
They've arrived! Catherine lead them to the cat. It was meowing piteously.
"Don't be scared, little cat, you'll be as right as rain after you come out of the hospital" she said. 
Then she watched them carry the cat into the ambulance and then drive away.

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  1. That's a dramatic beginning Mimi. It's got me wondering: how did that happen? What's special about this cat? Which way is the story going? It's a great idea to plunge right into the action like that!