Friday, April 25, 2014

4G's Feline Assmbly

4G had their assembly today - with a Varjak Paw theme!

Here's the presentation:

 And here are some photos of us (thank you Miss Ash!) -


  1. Hello 4G, I hope you enjoyed reading Varjak Paw! Your Feline Assembly looks absolutely fantastic!

    1. Thank you!

      Can you please do a story about our cats?!

      from 4G

      Our name Our Cat names

      Mr Gregg Captain
      Tobias Maximum
      Clara Snowflake
      Maia Elizabeth
      Fernando Garfield
      Amelia Prince
      Ryan Mittens
      Maëlle Milu
      Penelope Coco
      Claudia Luna
      Cristina Snowy
      Gustavo Jake
      Rozenn Misty
      Jacques Varjak
      Mimi Jade
      Pablo Shamrock
      Alicia Patch