Wednesday, April 23, 2014


I went to the cinema to see the second captain America. This film is really good, with lots of action in it and some funny bits.  It stars three or four different superheroes, the best was Captain America himself. 
The main bad guy used to be a friend of Captain America but on a mission the bad guy fell off a train, then some people found him and  brain-washed him, but during his fall from the train, his arm got cut off. The people that brain-washed him made a new robot arm with super strong metal. 
During the film his mission was to kill Captain America and they did lots of fighting. But then at the end, Captain America says some stuff to him and at that moment the bad guy remembered that C. A. was -in fact- his friend. 
I think this film is a bit better even than Iron Man Three, because there are space ships, lots and lots of action shots and many more funny bits. It's more of a science fiction film than Iron Man.
I recommend this film for girls and boys as it is so exciting.
My next film review will be..........

Captain America can be seen in VOST at Gaumont Wilson Place Wilson. Toulouse.

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