Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Adventures of Lilac Blue

Chapter 1: The Strange Discoveries

I’m flying my giant phoenix through Paradise Alley, in Paradise Alley it’s not REALLY like PARADISE. I parked my phoenix and walked through a gate. I am in search of four statues in four different galaxies far away from the Milky Way; these are all the galaxies I need to go to:
  • Paradise Alley (well, I have already arrived there),
  • Tackle Moscle,
  • Moss Powder Colonies and
  • Mysterious Technology.
Right now I've just entered the entry gate of Paradise Alley where I bumped into this fierce guard I had already seen before while travelling from the Milky Way to Paradise Alley.
When I had seen him he was running in his tiny car full of treasure he had robbed and after him were space police with an alerting siren. Then I realised that the guard was DRESSED as a guard but was a ROBBER! I tried to tell the other guards and the police but they wouldn't even budge listening. So I decided that if they wouldn't do anything I’ll do everything I can and who knows if the robber was going to steal the secret statue of Paradise Alley and so I will try to get the statue.

"Now, I’ll need to fight and find the statue!’’ I told myself. I asked a few people where the armour shops are and half of the people that I asked said they didn’t know and the other half knew. I walked inside the shop that said 'armour boutique'.

I bought myself a sword, a gun, some powder, some bullets, an old shield and a dagger. I thought that I had too little armour and I wouldn’t spend too much of money just on armour, would I?

Next I went to a grocery store to buy food for dinner and supper. I forgot to tell you that in Paradise Alley there are so many traps for security and it does not really make sense, for example: an ambulance is running in emergency with the siren on loud and the trap catches the ambulance and the ambulance is 30 minutes late for whatever emergency it was going to!

So I had to be careful while walking in the crowded city. I started looking somewhere else and with a sudden THUD I fell into a trap. It was very strange because there were no security guard like there usually is, and in Paradise Alley it’s a political law that if a guard is off duty when it has to guard in the trap the guard is going to go to prison for 1 year.

Then I saw a mysterious round rock patterned with carved sphinx on flowers and I looked on the other side and I saw a great big hollow circle, around the circle there was some kind of ancient writing. So I worked out what to do. But I heard a noise and saw the same robber as I before!

I hurried up and lifted the heavy circle but it was too late and the robber grabbed the circle and ran towards the hollow circle. I found my chance and punched hard on his face and grabbed back the circle and put the circle into the hollow circle and the circle turned round so the wall split up in half and with a screeching noise the door opened. To my delight I finally found the great statue!

The statue is called the Golden Cat of Paradise!

To be continued    


  1. You have worked very hard Sanika!

    Well Done

    1. really Pablo sanikas hard work is come great

  2. Maybe it's not the bird but some kind of vehicle?

    1. MAYBE. Or MAYBE it is secretly a WERE-vehicle. Someone could write a THEORY! How awesome is that!?

  3. This phoenix is special because it's a phoenix mixed whith some sort of mystyrious vehicle, but in the story I just decided to call that a phoenix so the story won't be that long because it's allready so long!