Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Crime at the Guggenheim Part 3 The Adoption Murder

2 Years later…

Isabella was always sad that her parents got killed. At least she was alive. No one had adopted her yet but she waited and waited. She didn't like being in the home for girls because the food was disgusting
the bed was not comfortable everything was horrid. She was always moaning around without doing anything.
But she had friends. They were very nice to her. Their parents were also killed.

The day when a man came to take Isabella home she was disappointed. His face was grey with a pale face.
The man grabbed her hand and put her in the car. At least in his house the food was yummy. The rest was horrible.

But one night Isabella said goodnight to him and he went away to the street. It was a mystery. He was going directly to the Guggenheim!

Isabella went on her bicycle as fast as she could. He was going to kill the staff that were inside so that he could get all of the money. Meanwhile at prison the police were looking at the two girls that were with Bill.
He had gone! The police searched everywhere until they saw Isabella. They asked her if Bill was somewhere
But she didn't know.
They looked in every corner of the Guggenheim. They found him. After that they took of the mask and… It was Bill as usual. He had escaped lots of times but how?
Isabella had said to the police two years before, "Please make it dark and close all the doors," but how could he escape? The police showed Isabella some nice parents to take care of her.

But the mysteries of the Guggenheim will never end...

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