Sunday, December 8, 2013

James and the Giant Peach

This story is about James and his disgusting Aunts.
His parents got eaten by a rhino (`which is pretty strange because rhinos are vegetarian).

He was looking at the seaside then he saw a strange man with a bag of strange stuff.  This is how it all began.

The Aunts get famous and so on and so on...

James on the other hand , He went inside the peach and met Giant insects ( I would of not have liked that).
Then the peach rolled off the mountain and into the sea.. (Well he wanted to see the sea).

They saw sharks that were trying to eat the peach.  All of the birds liked the look of the worm so that gave James an idea.  Mrs Spider weaves some string and then James captures the birds.

Suddenly the peach flew with 501 birds.  It was such a view until  night.  At night  there was cloud men. (they were very  hairy).

Stupid Centipede was calling the cloud men names like : Idiots, Nincompoops, Half-wits and Blunderheads!!!! Then the cloud men looked round and saw them they instantly through the snow balls at the peach .

I like this book because it is very funny!

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  1. Well done Penny! I can tell you appreciate the humour in this book!