Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Crime at the Guggenheim Part 2 The escape

Five years later…

Isabella and her family decided to live in Bilbao but there might be some problems. Bill Gates was still in prison with the two annoying girls saying Help Help! That gave Bill a head ache.

Isabella went to school very happy but some people were nasty to her. Her parents went to work at a shoe shop and someone was stealing shoes from the store. The shoes cost 1889 euros because some are golden.
The parents had to close the shoe shop because they were stealing and stealing…

So they went to work at the Guggenheim. But someone kept on stealing things.
SO they went to work at a sweet shop. It was NOT peaceful there.
Children were moaning babies, were crying, adult were saying NO NO NO!
It was a total chaos.
But one day Isabella saw a black man from the school window. And he was going directly 
to the sweet shop. He had a bottle of… poison! He was going to poison the sweets and give them to the Guggenheim staff so that they die! 
She asked the teacher if she could go to the sweet shop where her parents worked and she said yes she could. She went rushing there like a mad man.

Isabella looked through the window and her parents were not there. Instead she saw the black man! He was putting the poison on the sweets! He grabbed all of the sweets and he took them to the Guggenheim!
Isabella followed him every single step.

Isabella saw her parents in front of the Guggenheim and the man gave the sweets to them. She needed to go and save them now or they will die! She couldn't run very fast so her parents gobbled them all up! Isabella saw her parents still and they dropped on the floor!

She went directly to the black man and took the mask off.
It was Bill Gates! He had escapes from prison to poison people. Now her parents were dead!
She got her mum's phone and called the police! This time she told the police to close everything so 
that it's all dark. Isabella couldn't stop crying. They took her to the home for girls so that she could
stay there until someone adopted her.

The End

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