Tuesday, December 3, 2013

For Elisa (True Story)

One dark night Beethoven was trying his songs out at the piano.
He was getting ready for a party.
His clothes were perfect and he was neat.
When he got there he was on stage and performed his seventh symphony.
Everyone was excited. After the concert, Beethoven was with his friends, drinking beer. Everybody had lots of fun.
Some people played violin and other instruments.
At the party Beethoven saw a girl playing piano. She was playing fantastic songs. He looked at her and he said, "Why dont you play one of my songs?"
She whispered to him : "Because they are to hard to play."
So what Beethoven did is that he made a song for her that was easier to play.
The song was so beautiful it spread through the whole world.
The song didn't have name so people called it For Elisa. But Elisa was not really the girl's name.

This is the For Elisa video:


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  1. Pablo - that's a great story! Thank you for sharing it with us!