Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Crime at the Guggenheim

Hello, my name is Isabella and I am in Bilbao, Spain, with my parents. First thing we are going to do is visit the Guggenheim. I'ts an art museum.

I walked inside and it was so beautiful. But I didn't know where I was going. I lost my parents. OH NO! I was trying to find them everywhere but they were not there!

Suddenly an alarm was ringing. Someone had stolen a painting! There was a theft! And I didn't know where my parents were. The thief could steal me.

My parents found me and I was happy. My parents told me to get away from the Guggenheim so we did.
We waited one minute outside. But the ground shook and we were terrified.

And then the Guggenheim EXPLODED. The thief had put a bomb there.

We had to find who it was. But first we had to take a little pau… I couldn't speak more. There was a black figure in our restaurant. I thought it was our thief. It was!!! We went directly to the police station to say it.
The police came with us to the restaurant and we showed him who it was. The police put the man in prison. His name was:

Bill Gates! The guy who invented Microsoft. I was very disappointed.


  1. I'm really shocked. I'm going to have to switch to Apple...

  2. It's very exiting I just had to read it.

  3. Oh no !!!!!!!! Bill Gates is gone to prison. just joking haha

    1. He's not gone to prison in real life.