Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Museum

On Friday we went to the museum. It had a lot of stuffed animals. In the entrance there was a ginormous elephant and a pterodactyl.The first room was full of crystals. This is my haiku:
snowy glowing white
spiky white diamond beauty
I love it so much 

   The next room was about the continent.There was a film. All  the continents were moving in fast motion and in 6 billion years time the world will explode!  Another class was already in the room but we watched it anyway. As we were walking to the next room, we spotted some skeletons. I sketched a skeleton that looked like a dinosaur, but it was a hedgehog.
Up in the sky was a whale. It was ginormous. After that we saw more stuffed animals. After lunch we went home. I had a really good time.         

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