Saturday, June 28, 2014


There was a noise of running hooves as alpacas started crowding towards the King's palace. Everyone was chattering excitedly as they bustled towards the construction. There were news about the King summoning an alpaca. The heroic type of course. There had been a lot of kidnappings in Alpaconti lately, the supercontinent that they lived on. There has hardly been any in the last few thousand centuries. So, every one of the alpacas were talking about it. The palace was a huge structure nearly entirely made out of quartz blocks. A summoning was a special occasion because it had only happened twice. Then, everyone fell silent as the King suddenly came out of the palace and onto the balcony. He looked at the alpacas below.

ʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʡʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʡʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʡʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʡʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʡʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʡʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʡʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʡʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʡ
ʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʡʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʡʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʡʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʡʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʡʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʡʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʡʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʡʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʡ
ʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʡʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʡʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʡʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʡʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʡʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʡʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʡʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʡʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʡ

"I am ready for the Summoning to begin," he said.

A butler walked up to him and gave him an enchanted sword named Ashrune. Then, he stabbed the sword in to the ground. Next, he muttered some ancient spells and after a few minutes, a blinding light flashed into the sky and the alpacas gasped. Something was falling from the sky! Everyone started panicking.

"Do not worry, citizens!" he shouted. "I will use a spell to stop it from getting hurt."

And that was what he did. The falling thing was now falling much slower than before so it was like it was floationg to the King's balcony.

The 'thing' was in fact, a little male alpaca with a headband that read 'Satoshi'. He was still asleep and didn't seem to notice that he, before, was falling from about 500 metres. While he was sleeping, he looked more like a small sheep than an alpaca.


'He looks rather cute, to be honest.' thought the King. 'He also looks like Shoop Sheep the Cotton Ball'.

He sent for his butler to drag the sleeping Satoshi into a spare guest room.

4 hours later...

Satoshi suddenly woke up. He had woken up from a strange dream of alpacas. There was a king alpaca and it stuck a sword and then he started falling out of the sky. It was the weirdest dream he had in years! Yet while he was awake, he could still see them! Was he going CRAZY??? No he couldn't be...
Then the truth suddenly dawned to Satoshi... he had become an alpaca.....




  1. I was wondering when this would appear! Alpacalypse!

    I have a feeling Satoshi should have been you really, so you get a taste of what hero-alpacahood is like Mimi!

  2. You really love Alpacas right?! ʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʡʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʢ• ͡•ʡʢ

  3. Mimi your post is great about Alpacas.