Sunday, June 1, 2014

Cricket Introduction

While we all are waiting for the world cup. I will tell you about cricket.
Cricket is a outdoor game in which we use a bat and  ball .
Each team has 11 players.
Cricket was originated in England  about 1550.

Here is a picture

Pollock to Hussey.jpg

There are 3 types of cricket overs,

1.  20 overs
2.  50 overs
3.   test

An over has six balls to be bowled.
There will be a batting team and a bowling team.The batting team has to score as many runs as possible , while the bowling team has to stop them from taking lots of runs and take wickets (there are 10 wickets ).
A test match has unlimited overs, but if the team  runs out of wickets , their innings is over.

The league   Indian premier league  ( IPL) today is the finals kkr vs kxip ( kings xi Punjab vs Kolkata  knight riders 0  today = 1 June 2014

The cricket world cup is in 2015.The current champions is India, but the most successful is Australia.

Next: cricket info cricket rankings and the winner of IPL finals.


  1. Thank you Advait. Being in France, a lot of people will be unfamiliar with cricket, and not realise how big a sport it is in countries like England and India where it's played.

  2. Awesome post Advait. Well Done!!